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Onyx Street, Larkspur - Interiors


Hyndman Studio envisioned, implemented and is currently overseeing this exciting renovation and expansion in Larkspur.

The Onyx house was originally a single-floor, 1910s vacation cottage with only a very tiny garage at street level. Over the decades, a patchwork of tiny rooms with low ceilings had been squeezed into the crawl space below the house and the outdoor porch at the front was, at some point, enclosed with windows between the original pillars.

Hyndman Studio's plans called for the demolition of all structures below the main floor, which was lifted 30" before excavating significantly into the hillside and building a full height, enlarged middle level floor and a generous 4-car garage with storage and mechanical rooms at street level. A new stairwell joins all three levels for the first time.

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