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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Whole-House renovation design?
    Whole-House renovations are increasingly common in Marin, as well as in the Bay Area as a whole. An abundance of older homes, paired with an ever-growing appetite for the convenience of a modern living experience, in a home customized to the personal needs of a particular family, are driving this increase. These conveniences often cannot be satisfied without significant renovations and additions. These renovations are often perceived as unlocking a property’s potential. If you would like to understand more about whole-House design, please visit our "What is Whole-House design" page.
  • The majority of the projects featured on your website are very complex, whole house renovations. Are you available for smaller projects?"
    Yes, Hyndman Studio is available for projects of any size.
  • Do you have a personal design style or 'look'?
    I’m inspired by symmetry, rhythm, proportion, space, light, flow and texture. These elements are universal, whether the style be traditional, contemporary, minimalist or eclectic. I strive to create buildings and spaces that have soul and depth. I want them to be enduring and relevant. Every day is an analysis of function versus form and each design decision a result of those inquiries. I use high-end, quality materials and I hold my fabricators, crafts-people and specialists in the highest of regards.
  • How do you charge?
    Consultation hours for design and enginering are charged at their hourly rates, billed weekly. Drive time is billed at half time. Purchases are charged to the client at our cost plus 20%. Our cost is the item's retail price less trade discounts of between 5% and 40%.
  • How long is an initial client-designer meeting at the project location and how much do you charge for this service?
    Initial meetings at the project location are typically between 60 and 90 minutes in length. The consultation will be billed at $105/hour, plus drive time at $52.50/hour.
  • What will I need to bring to the initial client-designer meeting?
    Most typically, the initial meeting is a conversation about the project location and your goals. Often no additional reference items are needed. However, if you feel that supporting reference items will help you communicate your goals more effectively, please feel free to bring them to this meeting.
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