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Laurel Grove, Ross - Pool house

Laurel Grove_Ross poolhouse_Exterior.jpg
Laurel Grove_Ross poolhouse_Interior.jpg
Laurel Grove_Ross poolhouse_Kitchenette.jpg

Pool house

Hyndman Studio's complete reconstruction and make-over of the Laurel Grove pool house resulted in a light, bright, highly functional and calming pool house and yoga room.

Newly installed is a curved bathroom wall with curved glass transom. Large LaCantina folding doors replace the original windows at the center of the main room and allow for the space to be opened wide to the pool.

The space features high-end finishes and materials: reclaimed wood cabinetry with white-wash finishing by Hyndman Studio, ceramic faux wood flooring, marble tile in the shower and Rocky Mountain Hardware fixtures.

Laurel Grove_Ross poolhouse_Changing room.jpg
Laurel Grove_Ross poolhouse_Bar.jpg
Laurel Grove_Ross poolhouse_Bathroom.jpg
Laurel Grove_Ross poolhouse_Bathroom vanity.jpg
Laurel Grove_Ross poolhouse_Shower.jpg
Laurel Grove_Ross poolhouse_Shower.jpg

Before & After exterior

Before, during & After interior

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