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Matching the Onyx Residence’s Original Concrete Foundation Detailing

The Onyx residence has been through several iterations over the past 100 years. Originally a vacation rental for guests visiting from San Francisco in the 1920s, it has been altered and expanded fairly significantly over the decades.

Below is a photo of the original house, taken before Onyx Street was paved and the residence’s front porch enclosed.

A dominant feature of the original house was the stepped concrete foundation with its faux brick detailing. This foundation is cohesive with the two up-slope houses as well as the retaining walls linking the three houses.

Here's a surviving section of original wall with its original brick detailing still in good condition.

It was critical to replicate the original detailing on the new stepped foundation and below are photos of that work on progress.

When passers-by see the new house, they often believe it to be an immaculately maintained original house. That is a highly desirable result and stems from a painstaking attention to every detail and a willingness to stay true to authenticity during every step of the design and construction process.

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