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Onyx Interior Guardrail in Production

The Onyx residence interior guardrail is less a functional object and more sculptural art. Located in the stunning enclosed front porch at the front of the house, alongside 12 dramatic multi-lite and picture windows, its powder-coated steel, brass and walnut accents, and curved walnut top rail will be viewed, touched and enjoyed as part of the experience of living in or visiting the house.

With its luxury New York Art Deco vibe, blended with craftsman-inspired geometry, it acts as an aesthetic transition from the traditionally Craftsman upper floor of the residence to the mid century modern / industrial / New York loft feel of the lower level.

Jerrad Jensen Ironworks is creating this masterfully. It's a complex design and we're asking for a high level of precision and perfection. This requires an ironworker with not only the necessary skills but one who pays a high level of attention to the details while working with the somewhat unforgiving medium of steel.

In the pictures above, Jerrad has the guardrail panels constructed and joined with initial welds. He will now complete all of the welds and grind them to perfection before sending the guardrail off for powder coating.

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