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The Onyx project slipper tub has arrived

Due to pandemic transport problems we have waited a very long time for this lovely Badeboss slipper tub. After eventually arranging for it to be flown into the US, it arrived in beautiful condition. There are several very nice slipper tubs on the market but this particular model checked all the boxes for us. First was comfort; the back support is perfect. Second is the integral overflow drain, eliminating the need for an external drain assembly that would have required expensive custom finishing on the Onyx project and would have detracted from the beautiful simplicity of the otherwise unadorned tub. Third is the tough composite crushed stone material which feels natural and tactile. It's perfect for this project.

The tub is to be installed opposite the door into the master bathroom, centered on a European-style pair of very tall, narrow, walnut casement windows. Paired with Watermark tub fillers, this will be a worthy first view of what will be a very, very special and unique master bath.

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