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Onyx Residence Kitchen Cabinets

Production on the Onyx residence kitchen cabinets is well under way. The attention to detail that the cabinet-maker, Matthew Chase Woodworks, is bringing to the table is extraordinary. A design such as this, that is simple and effortless on the surface, is only ever achievable as a result of the incredible level of care, attention and skill that MCW is bringing to this project. For a very clean, simple design to be successful, there are a myriad of painstaking details beneath the surface and they must all be absolutely perfect.

The first photo shows the wall ovens section of cabinetry in the foreground and the fridge/pantry cabinet boxes behind. The walnut interiors are a particularly nice, and fairly unique, touch. These cabinets are highly customized; the heights of each pantry roll-out is specified to align with the homeowner's specific storage needs, the wall ovens are at the ideal height for the homeowners' comfort and a custom roll-out carries a hidden microwave. It was important that this kitchen look as much like furniture and as little like standard kitchen cabinetry as possible. To that end, appliances have custom panels where possible; obsidian black appliances that blend into the cabinetry where they must be visible; and are hidden out of sight where their aesthetics bring nothing positive to the final design.

The second photo shows the development of the Rubio finish for the kitchen cabinets. the top test panel shows the unfinished walnut veneer. the lower panel is the final Rubio finish. It is a beautiful finish and it is perfect for this kitchen concept. The walnut grain finishes beautifully and evenly, with the grain pattern still highly visible and present. We can't wait to unveil the final kitchen, it promises to be very striking.

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