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Unlocking Your Property's Potential:
Whole-House Renovation Design

What is Whole-House renovation design?

Whole-House renovations are increasingly common in Marin, as well as in the Bay Area as a whole. An abundance of older homes, paired with an ever-growing appetite for the convenience of a modern living experience, in a home customized to the personal needs of a particular family, are driving this increase. These conveniences often cannot be satisfied without significant renovations and additions. These renovations are often perceived as unlocking a property’s potential.

Hyndman Studio's Expertise

Hyndman Studio has expertise in envisioning creative, practical solutions and designing whole house renovations for these older homes.


We build the comprehensive and cohesive plans that are required for the success of these projects.


Increasing the Size of Your Living Space

No two renovations are alike, but they do often fall into the following categories. A floor may be added below, either as a result of new excavations and/or a house lift. Equally, a floor may be added on top; or additions built onto the side or the back of the existing structure. All are ways of expanding the size of the living space.


The maximum allowable size for a renovated home will be determined by a calculation based on the size and the slope of the lot, in combination with other zoning restrictions such as maximum height limits. It is typically these factors, in conjunction with budget realities, that will determine any limitations on the ultimate size of the renovated home.


From a purely structural standpoint, there are few limitations, other than those that may stem from particularly complex sites.


Updating the Floor Plan

Whole house renovations almost always include an updated floor plan. Sometimes the original layout of the house does not satisfy the way that we live in our homes today, prompting the need for floor plan layout adjustments. Adjustments will also often be necessary in order to effectively incorporate new additions. Updating homes to satisfy today’s building code requirements can also sometimes require floor plan changes.

Scope of Work

Renovations can involve adding to or replacing the old foundations. Structural and earthquake requirements have evolved dramatically over the past 100 years and assessing the condition of existing foundations is always essential.

Hyndman Studio has the specialized knowledge required to incorporate necessary complex systems into the home, including ventilation, heat and cooling as well as fire sprinklers and security and data systems.

If your property is in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI), which covers many of Marin's residential areas, Hyndman Studio has knowledge of the additional code requirements and considerations.


Renovations often include complete electrical, plumbing and mechanical upgrades. Kitchens and bathrooms are most typically gutted, re-designed and re-built.


It is often the client's choice to replace windows and doors but on larger projects this becomes a requirement when satisfying Title 24 code requirements. New insulation and sheetrock will also help to satisfy these requirements, with the added benefit of transforming the comfort of an older home.

Additional construction upgrades can include new siding, roof and stairs. On the interior the list includes flooring, paint, tile, cabinetry, counters, fixtures and fittings, appliances, light fixtures and window coverings.

Hyndman Studio, CAD & 3-D Rendering

All Hyndman Studio projects are created using computer assisted drafting (CAD), with 3-D modeling integral and used throughout the design and construction process.


Hyndman Studio works with single-family dwellings, and multiple-unit dwellings of up to four units; of woodframe construction, not more than two stories and a basement in height. Most of the above tasks will include the services of our licensed structural engineer.

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