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Winship Avenue, Ross

Winship Ave_Ross_New lower level.jpg

Hyndman Studio's complete house reconfiguration and lower level addition.

The Winship house is another example of a home with a dysfunctional, small lower level that had been squeezed below the main floor at some time in its history. Accessed via equally dysfunctional stairs, the lower level was dark, damp, had low ceilings and an awkward room layout.

Hyndman Studio planned for the upper level of the house to be arrested in place while the foundations below were removed, excavations performed and new retaining foundations poured. This allowed for a large, well considered lower level with 8ft ceilings containing a master suite, laundry room and plenty of natural light. We designed a staircase into the very heart of the home where it allowed for a perfect flow pattern between the two floors.

New lower level excavations, retaining walls, foundations, floor and framing

New stairs joining the new lower level to the original house above

Winship Ave_Ross_New kitchen backsplash.jpg.jpg
Winship Ave_Ross_New kitchen backsplash.jpg
Winship Ave_Ross_New kitchen backsplash.jpg
Winship Ave_Ross_New fireplace surround.jpg
Winship Ave_Ross_New fireplace surround.jpg
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